Who is BeE-Dynamic?

In a world where everything revolves around numbers, large amounts of data are processed every day and we at BeE Dynamic are professionals prepared to offer customized solutions in real time.

BeE-Dynamic is an Ethical, Innovative and State-of-the-Art Statistical company to enhance the data of the future X.0, through automatized results with Information & Communication Technology (ICT) and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions.

The power of Statistics combined with the automatized IT solutions, switches from static analysis viewpoints to dynamic processing. We are the answer to the data.

Having the data without developing it, synthesizing it, or enhancing it is like having great unexpressed potential. Our processing and analysis tools are implemented with our methodological concept “Dynamic Solution”.

Our project is based on the personal idea “Dynamic Data” and our vision makes it possible to obtain customized, control and transparent algorithms and models.

The main interests in methodological research are robust statistics, diagnostic data analysis that identifies outliers and the Forward Search procedure in Generalized Linear Models.

Other interests related to research activity are management and longitudinal analysis, monitoring processes, indicators related to national and international rankings and related to Business Plan and Key Performance Indicators.